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January 22, 2018
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January 24, 2018

Intrusion detection systems are resilient. They incorporate a number of tools that can help keep you safe. Some of these tools can be motion-based. You can have motion detection alarms and motion detection CCTV cameras. There are some ways to make these systems even more effective than they already are. Think of this as making the environment conducive to good security:


  1. Notify us of any change in phone service. When alarm signals are sent to a monitoring service, they often use land lines because of their reliability. We’ll want to make sure the system is set up right with a change of service and that the monitoring service is still getting notifications correctly.


  1. Notify us of switching internet services. Alarm signals can also use DSL to alert a monitoring service. If you’re set up in this way, we’ll want to test and make sure everything’s still operating as it should.


  1. Regular maintenance is a smart way to keep these intrusion detection systems operating at peak performance. Additionally, when we come around for maintenance, we’re happy to answer questions and do a bit of training for new staff you have. We understand you have staff turnover who may need some questions answered about operating intrusion detection systems and CCTV systems.


  1. Test the system after remodeling. Construction work can shift wires around. We can clean and maintenance motion sensors, CCTV cameras, and other elements after remodeling as well. Even if your regular maintenance check isn’t scheduled for a while, it’s a good idea to schedule one in after remodeling takes place.


  1. If you find yourself getting false alarms triggered at night, it may be time to check for pests. Rodents can trigger a motion sensor, and they also have a bad habit of chewing on wires. Bug infestations may also trigger them if they nest right near a motion sensor. Though they’re not intended for this, motion detection security can sometimes tip you off with an early warning if you have any infestation problem.


  1. Decorations should also be put up with a sense of where your motion-based equipment is. If they blow or wave every time the heat kicks on, that’s enough motion to trigger the equipment.


These are pretty easy guidelines to keep in mind, and they can go far in making intrusion detection systems and CCTV cameras even more effective than they already are.