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We talk a lot about how using hold up alarms in Chicago keep your business safe. They’re one of the best investments you can make. Not only do they protect your business, they protect the people in your business – both employees and customers alike.




Hold up alarms should be placed where a robber won’t see an employee use them. If they see someone rushing toward a button, the robber may escalate the situation or become violent. Hold up alarms are best placed where someone can hit them in the course of an action they’d take during a robbery: such as under the counter when taking money from a till at the robber’s direction.


They can also be placed to be hit with a knee or foot. Just be sure when you do this that it’s a place where it can be deliberately hit but won’t accidentally be hit. Employees should be aware of where the holdup alarm is from Day One.


Wired or Wireless


Hold up alarms can be wired in or wireless. Both are dependable approaches that fit different circumstances. A wireless hold up alarm can be carried by a manager like an old-fashioned pager clipped to the belt.


You can also mount several hold up alarms so that employees can hit them from multiple locations within your business. If someone at the front is being robbed and is scared to hit it, someone in the back can go to their hold up alarm and press it.


Wireless hold up alarms and their wired counterparts are all silent. They’re monitored 24/7 by a service that provides fast response and notifies police immediately. Hold up alarms in Chicago are one of the best and most reliable ways to protect your business, the people who work there, and the customers you rely upon. If you need more information, contact us or your local police department to ask about how hold up alarms work and how they can protect you.