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December 17, 2017
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December 19, 2017

CCTV cameras in Chicago can be vandalized in a number of ways. This allows criminals to destroy the camera or reduce its effectiveness in a way that lets them continue their crime without visual evidence. It’s a step many burglars employ, but sometimes vandals will do it just to be destructive and cost your business money. CCTV camera safety can be achieved without too much stress or hassle, though. There are ways to counter and avoid this kind of vandalization and destruction.

CCTV Camera Safety

CCTV cameras are great deterrents for theft and other crimes. They allow visual evidence to be collected about a perpetrator’s appearance, clothes, car, movement, and any number of other fine details. If someone is planning to commit a crime in a space, they’ll look for a way to break or eliminate the CCTV camera.

Many CCTV cameras are built to be airtight, meaning they’ll repel dust, smoke, and other types of interference. Still more are designed to be bullet resistant and explosion proof. There are tremendously resilient housings out there. This makes them difficult to destroy.

Most of this intentional destruction can be avoided simply by placing your camera out of reach. In a particularly high-risk area, you may also want to overlap coverage. This means that if they destroy one camera, they’ll be caught on the other camera. If they destroy the other, they’ll be caught on the first one. It creates a chicken-and-egg problem – either camera they destroy, the other will catch them before they get to that one.

Other Tactics

Why don’t two people act in unison? This requires coordination, resources, and – if the cameras are out of reach – a good deal of timing. It’s simply much less likely, and burglars are much less likely to pull off this kind of coordinated effort.

What about making cameras less effective? Spray paint or other spray substances still require coordination and timing if the cameras are out of reach. They can try to use laser pointers, but simple, inexpensive filters can protect a camera from being susceptible to these.

CCTV cameras in Chicago are best protected during the installation and implementation process. Placement and coverage can be planned out for maximum effect and minimum accessibility by criminals. It allows you to get the most out of your CCTV system without worrying about interference.