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December 16, 2017
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We write a lot about CCTV cameras in Chicago being used for security. It’s for good reason. They’re effective in deterring crime and providing evidence when and where a crime is committed. A good CCTV system can cover an entire area and record activity for review. Yet this isn’t the only use for CCTV cameras. They’re useful in a variety of other ways, too.

Traffic Monitoring: Traffic cameras aren’t just used to catch speeders and red-light runners. They’re also used to monitor traffic density and manage traffic jams. When emergencies strike or a crash happens, these cameras can also help emergency response personnel assemble more information about the situation and its dangers before going in.

Zoos: CCTV cameras in zoos are used to monitor animals, their activity, their interaction, and their safety. Zoos can’t have a staff member at every exhibit or in every living area for the animals. Instead, they can monitor multiple habitats at once and ensure that any need is responded to by their staff in a timely manner.

Manufacturing: CCTV cameras are used heavily in many industrial processes. Specialized CCTV cameras are used in chemical manufacturing to assess the temperature of certain processes and products.

Public Transport Safety: Operators of trains can use CCTV cameras in the train to make sure people are clear of doors before closing them.

Employee Monitoring: There are strict laws regarding what can and can’t be monitored in terms of employees. Many businesses that deal in sensitive personal information or directly with cash may wish to utilize CCTV to ensure employees are answerable for their actions. One should always be aware what is and isn’t allowed in the monitoring of employees.

Employee Safety: In manufacturing processes or other jobs that involve risk, CCTV can help to monitor that employees are safe and that machinery is being operated safely.

CCTV cameras in Chicago are utilized for a range of jobs, including but not limited to the ones above. Whether it’s for security or for something else, CCTV cameras can provide you with the ability to be several places at once, ensuring monitoring and safety. Always respect the law and people’s personal privacy. Like any tool, CCTV cameras are a powerful tool. We can install them, implement them, and even teach you how to utilize them responsibly and effectively.