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August 24, 2017
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What is a Wireless Mesh Network?

A wireless mesh network is a type of network for communication. It’s set up in what’s called a “mesh topology.” This means that each node relays data for the whole network. The nodes work together to distribute data. This means that it’s self-forming and self-healing.

How can a network be self-healing? If data needs to get from one place to another and a certain route from node to node is broken, it will find a way to use other nodes to form a different route. Thus, if a key node is dropped out or its connection can’t be relied upon, an alternate path is formed along which data can be transmitted.

This makes a wireless mesh network both incredibly reliable and fairly inexpensive. We installed one recently for the Joliet Housing Authority. This helps it connect a variety of functions in an easy-to-use and resilient way. Their integrated CCTV system can use this to ensure full, unbroken coverage, while city workers can access the wireless mesh network for easy connectivity across the Joliet.

You’ll see wireless mesh networking becoming more and more popular. New devices such as Google Home are all able to support it and some cable companies are beginning to adopt its philosophies in certain areas.

Some places are turning to this approach to provide public internet across a wide area. Others are focusing on making it available to emergency personnel and city workers – this can increase efficiency and help personnel rely on more complex devices than having to fall back on their phones to access certain information or get work done in comparatively remote locations.

If your town or city is contemplating wireless mesh networking as a solution – either for city employees and emergency personnel, integrated CCTV systems, or for public use – we’ve implemented it successfully and efficiently before. We’re happy to talk to you about the process of getting it installed.