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August 24, 2017
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3 Questions to Ask Your Security Company

An intrusion detection system can help you rest assured that your business is protected even when you and your employees are home at night. There are a few questions to ask when getting one. These can help you to ensure you have the best set-up for your business.

What are my location’s vulnerabilities?

You already have procedures to close up your shop or office at the end of the day, but how many times does an employee forget to do one of the things on the checklist. This is human error – chances are you’ve forgotten to do one or two of these items yourself from time to time. Even the best employee will make an oversight. They may forget to lock an entrance, leave money or merchandise out, or leave customer data accessible without meaning to. Be honest with yourself about mistakes that have been made in your time there. What kind of detection system will work best to compensate for such errors in the future?

If someone makes a mistake, an intrusion detection system makes sure that someone won’t come along and capitalize on it.

What coverage do I want?

Cameras and alarms can be set up inside and outside your location. Do you want all entrances covered, or do you just want the interior covered? What about alarms? Are you thinking of remodeling or moving the store around? Maybe you want a wireless alarm system – these alarm buttons are easy to move from place to place in case you find you need them in a different location.

Is there anything else you think I should do?

A security company like CES that has worked with a variety of businesses will give you an honest answer. We’ll make suggestions about additions we feel you need, and what to consider in the future. If there’s something that can improve your location’s safety but we don’t feel like it’s absolutely crucial, we’ll tell you that. If there’s a way to accomplish your goal in a more affordable way, we’ll communicate that, too. We do our best business with references and repeat customers, so we know the better a job we do for you, the better it is for us as well. Our reputation relies on your business staying safe.