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Helping the Plainfield School District Communicate

One of the jobs we’ve done that we’re proudest of is the Plainfield School District. Plainfield is just south of Aurora and Naperville, northeast of Joliet. The Plainfield Community Consolidated School District manages 34 buildings across 64 square miles of territory. They have to meet the needs of 30,000 students who range from kindergarten through grade 12.

We’ve done a lot of work for the Plainfield School District over the years. Their fire alarm and alert system, intercom, and media retrieval systems – as well as clock and sound – were all our work. So is the service we provide after, with technicians and maintenance at the ready.

A Whole New Telephone System

The Plainfield School District needed us to design and install new telephone and voice mail systems. We used VOIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol. This is a technology that uses the internet to provide communications instead of an old-fashioned public switched telephone network. You use it similarly to an old phone system – you’re still speaking on a phone, but it’s much easier to tie in mobile devices, smart phones, computers, and visual as well as audio communication. This can also allow the district to more easily use several different programs and apps in conjunction with each other. This required designing the system and installing it across these 34 buildings.

After the Work is Done

Our work didn’t stop there, however. As we mentioned, we provide technicians, servicing, and maintenance for our work. The beautiful thing about VOIP technology is how much less maintenance there is because it’s less reliant on physical equipment. This also means it’s easier and less expensive to expand – Plainfield has been growing the whole time we’ve worked with them and the school district helps more children than ever now. An elegant, technology-driven system means that more of your tax dollars go toward education now, rather than on bulky old technologies.