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June 28, 2017
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3 Elements to a Successful CCTV System That Chicagoland Businesses Forget

Take some time to establish what your goals are. Come to us first with your objectives for a CCTV system in Chicagoland. If you’ve taken time to think about it, you’re less likely to forget needs that are particular for your business. We can cover the essentials and advise of a number of aspects you may not have recognized, but if you have a particular request that you’d like your CCTV system to fulfill, it’s best to know it beforehand so we can build this into your system.


Many fly-by-night operations won’t provide their CCTV options adequate power. They may think installing the cameras and boxes is good enough, but it isn’t. CCTV cameras need to be able to draw power reliably. Because we cover so many other aspects of security and facilities infrastructure, we can easily do the cabling in a safe and secure manner so that this isn’t an issue down the road.


Security lighting is also important. CCTV cameras can be powerful and contain many low-light capabilities, but security lighting is a good companion to CCTV for a few reasons. Firstly, the more light, the more someone will avoid trespassing or breaking into your facility. Secondly, there may be areas where you don’t need a more expensive low-light capable camera because you have ample lighting. There may be other areas where you do, or where the lighting is susceptible and the camera’s extended capabilities offer redundancy in case someone cuts the lights.

In other words, every area has its context. Security lighting deters would be burglars and vandals while also making cameras more capable, and potentially offering you some expense-saving options.


It’s an easy step to make sure your entire CCTV system is weatherproofed. It’s not just wind and rain either. Hot days can threaten electronics, while humid days can threaten condensation build-up. Frigid days can damage the capabilities. We make sure your entire CCTV system is proofed against the vast range of weather Chicagoland throws at us.

This is a step some businesses often overlook to their detriment. Weatherproofing the entire system in Chicagoland – through parts chosen and the quality of installation and service – is crucial.