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How Remote Access Monitoring Makes Surveillance Easy

Cop-in-a-box is another name for a remote access monitoring (RAM) system. It allows law enforcement and emergency personnel to survey a scene before entering a scene. This can be particularly important tool for EMTs and paramedics who need to maintain their safety.

The camera can pan side to side, tilt up and down, and zoom in on details. It all operates remotely, of course. A recording can be made either in the box or at another location. This is a good solution for constant monitoring, too. We can set it up to regularly download recordings so that you have a backlog of surveillance.

The usual enclosure is 12 gauge steel, but it can include a kevlar lining for extra protection. Cameras aren’t just damaged or destroyed by brute force, though. Midwest winters can be brutal, so the enclosure also includes temperature controls that enable the camera to survive harsh winters and resist condensation during humid summers.

It’s important to know how these tools work, so we don’t just install a RAM system and its remote operation. We also train you in how to use it. This is the best time to ask us questions about it. You’ll want to know all its capabilities when you need it, so ask us about any circumstance. We also maintain the RAM system and service it regularly so as to ensure it’s constantly in good condition and operating dependably.

This hands-on approach to making sure your RAM system is accessible and easy for you to master also lets us tailor the set-up to your needs. You may think a remote surveillance system on an elevated pole or wall is fairly straightforward. It can be if that’s what you need, but if there are additional elements you need for it, we can help you with that. If you need blanket coverage of an area with multiple set-ups, we can accommodate you here as well, and help you to design the most efficient and effective form of monitoring possible.