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July 6, 2018
Field of View for CCTV
What is Field of View for CCTV Mean?
July 11, 2018

Damage to CCTV cameras is rare, but can happen for a few different reasons. Before anything else, realize that any damage should be addressed immediately. The longer you let the damage go, the longer you risk a blind spot in your CCTV coverage.

Initial damage may also be easy to address. It may only require replacing a component or re-wiring. If that damage is allowed to continue, it can create more expensive problems. Handling damage immediately prevents that damage from getting worse, or from creating a gap in your security.


Vandals are one of the most common reasons for CCTV camera damage. They may aim to damage a camera as a challenge, or because they know it will cause you frustration. This is one reason CCTV cameras and their wiring are placed out of reach. Protective housing also makes CCTV cameras resilient.


Damage to CCTV cameras may be even more intentional. Burglars will sometimes aim to create blind spots in your coverage where they intend to break in or otherwise breach your security. Handling this immediately is important, since they may damage a CCTV camera a day or two before a planned burglary. They may also be trying to see how long it takes you to notice and correct the problem. You should also check other security to ensure nothing was breached during any gap in coverage.


Wind, rain, snow, heat, and sunlight can all cause CCTV camera damage. It’s important to make sure outdoor CCTV coverage is completely weatherproofed. Regular maintenance should check this to ensure any wear in the weatherproofing is addressed before it becomes a problem. This is one of the key reasons why regularly scheduled maintenance on your security elements is important.

When you protect your cameras, you avoid succumbing to larger problems down the road. When we recognize tampering or weather damage early, we can implement safeguards to prevent further wear. Replacing a bit of weatherproofing or securing new protective housing today is much less hassle and much less expense for you than having to get a whole new camera tomorrow.

Our goal is an ongoing relationship with your business. Good word of mouth in Chicagoland goes a long way. We perform regular maintenance in part to identify and avoid minor issues before they become major problems. This helps you to maintain good CCTV coverage and a stable security environment for your business.