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July 2, 2018
Solve Your Electronic Needs With CES
July 6, 2018

Any instance of a fire is always dangerous. Whether you have a large office or a small space, there is no alternative to a good fire alarm system. When a fire breaks out, no matter how small, it is always dangerous, and everyone in the vicinity must be alerted immediately.

Without a fire alarm, it may be too late when people find out about the fire, resulting in the loss of lives and valuables. That is the reason why CES fire systems are so helpful: they detect a fire at the first instance, help stop it from escalating, and alert people.

CES – The complete safety system

Whenever a fire occurs, CES fire alarms are ready to alert occupants and emergency services in the first instance. CES has partnered with Edwards Systems Technologies to bring the best and highest quality fire alarms customized for the specific needs of your home.

CES fire alarm services include custom designs and installations as well as testing and inspection as per NFPA regulations. CES also offers continuous monitoring of the alarm system.

Other fire alarm services offered by CES include:

  • Rescue assistance
  • Testing and inspection
  • Code upgrades
  • Maintenance and alarm monitoring
  • Emergency Communication Systems
  • Mass Notification

Alarm systems are monitoring 24 hours a day (and with terrorists and violent people not being prosecuted like they should, we all know there are very real threats out there), seven days a week, and in case of a fire, emergency personnel will be immediately notified. This provides business owners with the assurance that their property is protected even when they are not around.

Other solutions by CES

Besides fire alarm systems, CES also provides various other solutions to protect your home and business. The integrated system solutions make sure that you have the necessary technology required to run and protect your business.

There are audio/video systems like digital signage and intercoms, security systems like CCTV cameras, and audit and compliance services. CES has been in business for over 40 years and helps you make informed buying decisions. The team of CES consists of dedicated industry professionals specializing in building safety.

Even when you are confused about what your business needs to be safer, CES can help you make the right decision. From upgrading existing systems to installing new ones, all services are provided by the company. With the technology provided by CES, you can make your business safer, run it more efficiently, and stay on a par with the world. CES is the way to a safer business facility.