Make Access Control Simple…or Complex
May 28, 2018
Mass Notification and Lockdown Procedures
June 1, 2018

Many assisted living homes in Chicago still operate with traditional nurse call systems. With hard physical locations mounted on walls, this can sometimes put assistance out of the reach of residents. Wireless nurse call for assisted living gives immediate access to residents, who can wear call buttons on lanyards.


Greater Access, Faster Response


Wireless nurse call for assisted living can exponentially improve access for residents. You may fear that this will result in increased calls, but typically residents understand not to overuse the new system. More importantly, it changes the types of calls you see. With greater access, residents can make calls when they initially need help and before something becomes a problem.


Lifting Restrictions to Aid


Remember, restrictions to access can often mean residents are calling only after the problem has become worse. Firstly, they judge the distance to the call box and may decide to attempt toughing an issue out because crossing that distance is difficult. Secondly, without accessible wireless nurse call, a bad illness or injury means that the problem and the mess it causes become progressively worse before a resident can make the call they need.


Traditional Systems Limit Control


Lack of nurse call accessibility can lead to increased risk, increased pain, and increased stress on your personnel. Wireless nurse call avoids these risks, primarily because you’re handling problems before they’re allowed to progress. Staff can become more efficient because they have better handle and control over issues as they happen.


Better Response = Greater Efficiency


Remember that staff don’t become burnt out or strained because they have to handle routine tasks. They burn out and become stressed because they feel they don’t have good control over larger problems, and they begin to fear these problems (and the associated lack of control) cropping up. Wireless nurse call can help everyone achieve greater accessibility and control. This holds true from residents to staff to managers. A little technology can make operating assisted living a lot easier.