May 9, 2018
Small Business Security Systems
May 14, 2018

A commercial security system not only gives a business owner greater peace of mind but also helps in lowering costs and providing a safer environment for the whole team. There are several types of commercial security systems that a business can choose, depending upon the size of the premises.

There are different kinds available for both small and large establishments. CES Complete is a renowned company specializing commercial security systems for over 40 years. Based in Illinois, the company offers a wide range of solutions for varying needs, scale, and budget.

CES for security systems

For over four decades, CES Complete has been providing businesses with a wide range of security solutions. If you have a very small business with a limited number of employees, then an off-the-shelf security system can serve the purpose well. But when your organization is large and has different needs, a professional company dealing in commercial security system must be hired.

For instance, fire systems can alert you in case of smoke and fire and save lives and valuable assets in time. For greater convenience, audio/visual systems can be chosen to connect the whole building. With these systems, people in different parts of the building can communicate efficiently.

For minimal needs, individual systems can be chosen, but for larger requirements, there exists integrated system solutions, where all systems are combined into one. Some of the systems are:

  • CCTV cameras for video surveillance
  • Electronic lock for premises access control
  • Fire protection system, heat, water, and entry alarms
  • Lighting control and energy management of HVAC systems

CES – a trusted name

CES Complete not only provides a wide range of security solutions; these solutions are also low-voltage. It means, no matter how many systems you use around the premises, you will not rake up electricity bills. That’s good news for business owners.

From beefing up your company’s security to setting up a professional intercom system to playing background music in your office, CES Complete is adept at handling all types of jobs. Affordable, awesome, and an expert at security solutions, CES will not only fit systems for you but also provide valuable advice. Even when you aren’t ready to install a commercial security system, CES Complete is available for a consultation.

No matter what kind of business you own, for the most fair priced and reliable services, and complete peace of mind, choose CES Complete any day.