The Future of Augmented Reality and Digital Signage
April 6, 2018
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April 11, 2018

Indoor positioning systems can be a great way of furthering your advertising and making it fun for customers. Consider one of the biggest augmented reality games on the planet: Pokemon Go. In cast you aren’t familiar with it, players use their phones to track down and capture fantasy creatures called Pokemon in real-life locations.


How Augmented Reality Benefits Businesses


To make it work, the developer utilizes GPS to help guide players to Pokemon and to gyms where they can compete with other players. Of course, neither the Pokemon nor the gyms exist in real life. You might capture a rare Pokemon in a park, or at the mall. A gym might be located at a Starbucks, or near a museum. You only ever see the creatures on your phone, but have to move around the real world, using GPS to find them at specific locations.


One of the most popular mobile games in the world, it peaked at 45 million daily users. It still boasts 5 million daily active users and 65 million monthly active users.


One of the side-effects of Pokemon Go is that businesses located near a rare Pokemon or a gym saw big spikes in business. If you go to that gym that’s located near a real Starbucks to compete against other players, then A) you’re not the only player doing this, and B) that Starbucks is selling a lot of extra frappuccinos.


Holding Events & Celebrations


Pokemon Go is made by a major mobile game developer, but the same kind of augmented reality game can utilize indoor positioning systems on a more local scale. Malls in particular are struggling to bring in the kind of numbers they once did in prior decades. By utilizing indoor positioning systems in a mall, you can launch scavenger hunt events that are tied to prizes, advertising campaigns, and discounts.


They can be themed toward major events, celebrations, or the launch of new stores. This helps gather potential customers in through the event, and they’ll associate the fun and social nature with the mall and particular stores.


Just as importantly, it requires downloading an indoor positioning app, which you can advertise through or use to analyze customer behavior and trends.