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March 26, 2018
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If your smoke alarm keeps giving you a false alarm, it can be due to a number of reasons. Most of these are easy to fix. Before anything else, realize that smoke alarms for business do not give you the same coverage and responsiveness that a fire alert system does. Smoke alarms are the bare minimum that keep a business safe from fire.


Just Chirping?

Now, if your smoke alarm keeps chirping at you, or beeping, this just means the battery is low. Replace it as soon as you can. Too often, businesses put it on a list of things to do, and then it gets forgotten because the battery runs out and stops chirping a reminder. Make it a priority. Smoke alarms for business are one of the things that keep your livelihood safe.


False Alarms

A false alarm is more – this means the smoke alarm keeps going off for a reason you can’t find. It could mean the sensor has accumulated dirt or dust. An alarm that appears clean on the outside could be dirty inside, so don’t just go by the cover. You can vacuum a smoke alarm out with a soft brush on a vacuum cleaner.


Now, you may wonder what to do when there’s construction. Dust is everywhere, but you need your smoke alarms to still work. Ask your construction company about dust covers specifically for this. They should be able to provide them.


A power interruption to hardwired smoke alarms can also cause a false alarm. This alarm will usually go off on its own, though not always.


An alarm close to a furnace may also trigger. Certain types of smoke alarms may trigger due to humidity. And of course, restaurants must be careful about kitchen placement so as to avoid smoke from cooking. You don’t want your restaurant evacuated because of normal cooking smoke.


Fire Alert for Business

You should look at a system that can provide fire alert for business. A fire alert system is implemented in a way that covers your whole building. We’ve installed these systems in schools, businesses, and a range of other locations. Because this implements experience and a system that can alert fire departments and even feed them information, it suits businesses especially well.