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March 21, 2018
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When you put new advertising up on your digital signage in Chicago, ask people’s opinions. Your staff can give you a good ear, but sometimes it’s just safe to tell the boss that everything they’re doing is the right thing. Customers don’t feel that pressure, so it can be worth it to consult them. Ask them what they think of your ad campaign.


Don’t Be Scared to Ask


Many business owners don’t like to do this because they feel they’re breaking some sort of illusion. You don’t want to call out to the customer that an ad is an ad. Yet give your customers some credit – they know it’s an ad. It’s not that people inherently dislike ads. People only dislike ads that are repetitive, annoying, or offensive in some way.


Ads that tell a story, that introduce a likable character, or that tell a joke well are different. How many times have you gotten up to leave the den when you pause because an ad you like comes on? You might like the ad because it makes you smile, or because you’re interested in the product. So, customers don’t dislike all ads, or having something pointed out to them as an ad. The only ads they don’t like are the ones they feel waste their time.


Audience Participation


Asking a customer what they think can even boost your customer’s opinion of you. This is because they feel that you’re valuing their opinion. If you value them, they’ll value you. People like the idea of participation as well. This doesn’t mean you should build your entire ad campaign around asking people to shape your advertising (although asking customers to vote on a favorite character or most liked ad can be productive). It just means that you consult them on what they think from time to time. Don’t hound them – just ask casually if you’d like to have their input.


How you shape this depends on the type of business you run. Businesses with regular customers can make these customers feel like part of the family. Informally let them know you want to know what they think.


For businesses with tons of busy customers and less interaction, you can act a little more formally. Offer a coupon or gift card for customers’ opinions. Digital signage in Chicago is something customers will be honest about and having that honesty can help you make sure you guide your advertising in the right direction.