Understanding Motion Sensors for Security
March 9, 2018
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March 13, 2018

A video wall uses multiple monitors at once to display a single image across them. The image can span a wall or a room. Pieces of the single image are shown on each individual monitor so that when they’re combined in the right arrangement, they compose a larger image.


Many Screens vs. One Big Screen


But why not just use a single, large screen? Why stretch an image across several monitors at once when you could use a large screen to show the image? This is a technique specifically engineered to the strengths of indoor digital signage. Here, people are closer to the image. Each individual monitor can show a portion of the image in high resolution.


If you used a single larger screen, such as placing an outdoor digital billboard sized screen inside, the closer proximity to the large single screen would mean the image would be fuzzy and ugly. We don’t notice this when we’re driving by on the road or looking up at outdoor digital signage because we’re far enough away that the resolution still seems crisp. Outdoor digital signage accomplishes what’s needed without going overboard in technical complexity or cost.


Yet when you can walk right up to the image and touch it, you’d need a single screen capable of incredible resolution. This would be very expensive, unmanageable for all but the wealthiest businesses. The much more reasonable, inexpensive, and easier-to-maintain version is to connect multiple screens, each capable of featuring a portion of the image at a high resolution.


Effective Video Wall Uses


You can use a video wall as an effective ad and story space. A business might use it to host advertisements for its products. A stadium might have them to feature the game in areas where you can’t directly see it. A doctor’s office might feature calming video to help patients feel less anxious.


There are as many ways to use a video wall as there are businesses to use them. Indoor digital signage like this can be powerful in absorbing customers and helping them to feel comfortable extending the length of time they stay and buy in your business.