Tips for Effective Holiday Signage
February 19, 2018
February 22, 2018

Any good song has a hook. It’s that moment early on that captures your attention. Your brain could shove that song into the background. If not for the hook, you’d barely pay attention to it. You’d choose to prioritize any of a dozen other things happening around you. If that hook catches you, and you prioritize listening to the music, then you’re going to listen to the whole song. You may even stop other things you’re doing, or ask others to let you listen for a moment. That’s how effective a hook can be. That’s what attract screens must do for indoor digital signage used in kiosks.


Indoor Digital Signage “Hooks”


Any customer-oriented environment presents a dozen distractions – including other customers. An attract screen on indoor digital signage is what captures the customer’s attention. It’s what tells the customer that they need to prioritize your digital kiosk over those other distractions. That’s what invites them to use an interactive kiosk they otherwise might pass by.


An attract screen should be appealing to look at, and it should convey a reason to use the digital kiosk. As a type of indoor digital signage, it should contain looped content, so it isn’t just presenting the same thing repeatedly. This alone can help capture attention, but every hook needs a closer – an argument as to whether you’ll buy in enough to stop and listen – or in this case use the kiosk. That’s why you need to efficiently convey a reason to use the kiosk.


Figuring Out a Successful Attract Screen


Key to figuring this component of attract screens out is the ability to measure the “click-through” rate. What screens and information invite customers to interact with the digital kiosk, and which ones aren’t as effective? By gathering this information, you can further refine the types of attract screens you develop. Not only this, but you might discover that certain times of day are better for some screens, or that a slower or faster rotation of looped content is more effective.


This kind of analytical approach means you’ll be able to focus design and implementation around certain types of content, as well as certain ways of presenting that content. You can continue to customize you attract screens for maximum appeal.