Access Control for Your Back Office
February 12, 2018
February 14, 2018

WDR means wide dynamic range. This kind of camera is used to even out details in a strongly backlit environment. Essentially, the camera scans two images in order to create a final image where details are more evenly lit. The first image is taken under normal lighting conditions. The second image is taken at high speed to capture details that won’t be visible in the first image.


At this point, the images are then superimposed over each other. Each image is an accurate and real-time view of what’s taking place. They simply interpret light differently so that each image can make visible those details that are obscured to the other image.


What Does WDR Fix?


A WDR camera for CCTV is a good option for cameras that are facing outward from the interior of a building. They’re perfect for entrances and exits because of this reason. Many CCTV cameras have trouble viewing detail in very backlit environments.


When someone walks in, the image from many non-WDR cameras is too often washed out, obscuring details in faces and recognizable details in clothing. This results in more of a silhouette of a person than someone that can be recognized and identified. It means the image is useless for you in terms of banning that person from the premises in the future, and it’s not useful to the police if they need to use the image to pursue a criminal.


How Does WDR Help?


A WDR camera for CCTV clarifies the details that are normally washed out by backlight. You can identify someone if you need to ban them from a location, and you can present police with usable evidence to track down the perpetrator of a crime. You can also tell details both inside the store and outside in the bright light of day simultaneously.


WDR cameras are reasonably priced and a good complement to the other cameras that you’ll employ at a location. They’re not difficult to install, implement, or train staff on. Like most CCTV cameras, they’re simple to operate and easy to maintain well.