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February 7, 2018
Access Control for Your Back Office
February 12, 2018

There’s a creative use for a CCTV system in Chicago that can help with preliminary access control for large facilities. This has to do with automating access rights for vehicles. Access control is normally thought of and discussed on an individual level, not a vehicle-level. Yet by controlling access at this earlier stage, you can keep a campus, facility, or warehouse safer. Not only this, but a CCTV system can automate much of the process.


Access Control for Vehicles


How does this work? A CCTV system can be set up to scan license plates and cross-reference them against a database. Plates that are then granted access allow a vehicle to park in the facility’s lot. Plates that don’t have access will cause the system to alert security, and they can handle the situation as is appropriate.


You can also run such a system using a human element. Many people still prefer that human security touch to ensure an automated system does its job perfectly. When used with a person scanning plates via CCTV, or double-checking the system’s automatic scan, this approach at the very least allows your security to stay inside. This is helpful both to centralize operations and make communication easier – since this can all be managed from a security office instead of calling out to one. It also helps to keep security warm during the harsh weather of winter.


Useful for Authorities


Using a CCTV system in Chicago in combination with an access control system like this means that you can keep a lot or area perfectly accessible to those who are authorized, while making it completely inaccessible to those who are not. Such a system would be set to allow emergency services through, of course.


A system like this can also help local authorities police restricted parking zones. Rather than having to review footage for violations, an automated system could tag violators and highlight the license plate numbers and times, allowing you to skip directly to the violation in order to confirm.