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February 2, 2018
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An indoor positioning system can help ensure higher customer satisfaction. An indoor positioning system is a lot like a GPS, except where GPS will tell you where to turn on a road, an indoor positioning app will tell customers how to find a certain store or plan a day at the mall. There are a number of reasons they’ll want to use it and will feel more satisfied by using it. There are also some very good ways it can help you better understand how your mall and retail space is used.


It’s fun. People like being in charge of things on their phones. An indoor positioning app allows you to find a location, or to map out several locations in a certain order. They can essentially mark waypoints to schedule their day.


It’s efficient. For those who want to save on time or who find shopping stressful, this helps them avoid feeling overwhelmed. They won’t get lost. If they have multiple stores they want to hit, they can create the most efficient route through all of them. This might seem like it would make them spend less time at the mall, but people who become stressed are more likely to leave – even if they haven’t finished all their shopping. People who feel at ease are more likely to stay and add that extra shop or two to the end of their lists.


It’s social. A group of friends might disagree on where they want to go. Great. Plug every destination in and they can find a good route that hits all their preferences. Or they can split into two groups and use the app to find a meeting place later.


It’s helpful. Not only is it helpful to customers, it’s also helpful to you. You can use data from the app to analyze how customers travel your mall. Is there a highly trafficked area where you’re under-charging for ad space? Is there a shop that’s being passed over? At what unexpected areas do customers like to congregate?