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November 10, 2017
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Every health care facility has some version of a nurse call system. It might be attached to a bed, or even an IV, and many machines can send automated nurse calls if something they’re monitoring hits a threshold. Yet areas with longer-term patients or residents may have a need for a nurse call system that is free to move around with that person.

How Wireless Nurse Call Systems Work

Wireless nurse call systems operate the exact same way. Patients or residents can wear the nurse call button around their necks or however they like. They don’t have to make it to pull cords across the room and they won’t find themselves stuck or abandoned unable to make a needed call.

This also helps your nurses have some more freedom to move around and do their jobs. You’ll often have a patient or resident who needs more particular care. Nurses will know to watch them like a hawk in case the patient ends up in a situation they can’t extract themselves from.

Removing Limitations

This limits nurses from being able to do their routine tasks. This isn’t a negative on the nurses’ parts. They often handle situations like this very efficiently, rotating who stays within earshot depending on tasks and responsibilities at the moment. Yet even this efficient way of handling such a patient or resident wraps up at least one nurse at a time. It can also have an impact on nurse morale, making them feel as if they themselves can’t do their jobs as quickly or efficiently as they’d like.

With a wireless nurse call system, you no longer have to reserve that nurse to shadow a patient or resident. The patient or resident themselves may feel as if they aren’t as much of a burden as well, improving their experience.

Wireless nurse call systems also mean you’ll have less maintenance and that you can prepare reports with automated information gathering. It’s a more streamlined, mobile, efficient system that takes advantage of technology to help things run much more smoothly at any health care facility.