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August 9, 2017
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5 Factors That Feed into a Good CCTV Set-up

CCTVs for security can be a smart economic choice. It helps free up personnel to do other jobs outside of monitoring areas of a building. Monitoring can also be done at a central location.

One. CCTVs aren’t hackable like in TV shows. You can mix and match systems, capabilities, and methods of communicating the feed to another location. This said, somebody can’t magically hack into your CCTV system from outside the building with nothing but a laptop and gumption. That happens in movies, but it’s not how it works in reality.

Two. Lighting is important. If you place a camera in a specific location, but the location lacks the lighting to make the camera useful, you may as well have placed no camera at all. There are easy solutions around this, such as installing extra lighting. Alternately, you can simply choose a camera with expanded capabilities, such as night vision or other modes of maintaining vision even in low light.

Three. CCTVs for security come in a variety of manufactures with a range of different capabilities. We work with CCTVs from eight different vendors, and can customize your CCTV set-up so that it’s tailored to your needs. There isn’t any such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to CCTV. You’ll want cameras with various set-ups and capabilities, and centralized monitoring/control that is customized to what you specifically want to be able to do with CCTV.

Four. CCTV won’t suck up power. CCTV can be maintained easily and we work with low voltage systems. There are complex options, up to and including the dreadnaught of the CCTV world – the cop-in-a-box. Even that’s maintained with a fairly low power draw. CCTV won’t lean heavily on your electric bill.

Five. We don’t just strand you with the system. We customize it for your needs, we’ll teach you and employees who’ll run it how to use it, and we’ll continue servicing it down the road. You can always call us with questions or to ask for expanded capability. Building off a pre-existing CCTV system if you need more coverage is easy and we’re happy to do it.