Plainfield Community Consolidated School District 202 provides education for nearly 30,000 students in grades K through 12.  Managing a district with over 30 buildings spread out over 64 square miles and growing every year can be a challenge and the district has chosen to manage that growth utilizing many of the systems that CES has to offer.

CES has designed, installed, expanded and maintained the majority of the telephone and voice mail systems in the district.  Networking the systems together utilizing the latest in Toshiba VOIP technology has proven beneficial financially for the district and has allowed them to maintain many of the changes that a school district encounters year to year.  CES has also installed much of the cable in the district’s buildings and has designed and installed several of the intercom, clock, sound, fire alarm, and media retrieval systems inside the district’s 34 buildings.

The district has chosen to work with CES due to the reliability of the products that we offer and the outstanding service that they receive from our technicians and staff.  With centralized voice communication systems and new intercom technology, the district, paired with CES is working to make communication between all of their locations seamless.

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