Indoor Positioning Systems

Indoor positioning systems, also known as IPSs, are being used by cutting-edge warehouses, shopping centers, and hospitals to help guests navigate their way through the facilities. These systems allow for an indoor GPS system of sorts that can be customized to allow areas within your facility to be mapped out and navigated to.

Why You Need an Indoor Positioning System

GPS systems are great for getting you from city to city or street to street, but when it comes to helping you find your way around a place once you’re inside, GPS can no longer help. That’s where an indoor positioning system can come into place. These systems are particularly useful for shopping malls, universities, hospitals, warehouses, or any other facility that employees and guests may have difficulty navigating through.

By utilizing an indoor positioning system, guests can easily find their way to specific areas of your facility, giving them a more satisfying experience that will come back to benefit you as these guests visit more often. It can also be used in warehouses where inventory needs to be located and moved by warehousing staff and robotic equipment. Using indoor positioning systems in such a setting can increase efficiency and lower labor costs.

What We Offer

Our indoor positioning systems use WiFi and Bluetooth signals located throughout the facility to make it possible for your facility to be mapped out and viewed on an app through which users can then get directions to. Using an indoor positioning system is one of the best things you can do to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction, and we’ll provide you with an affordable, customized system that facilitates just that.

Navigate Easily Today

Give your guests an easy way to navigate through your facility by installing an indoor positioning system today. Call us at (815) 741-3333 to talk about our indoor positioning systems and how we can customize them for your facility right away.